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What to expect in this course

This site is a main part of your course material. It was created as a resource for you to refer to, because we have found much misinformation found on the internet past students and even licensed agents have referred to. Remember, there is general real estate concepts and there are state specific.

You will notice a number of chapters listed in regards to topics we speak about. Don’t fret, it is not possible to learn all of it within 40 hours; and the test will not likely ask you questions on every topic, but it is good to learn when you do become a licensed sales person.

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We’re thrilled that you chose us for your real estate education. Before you dive into your course content, we wanted to say “hi,” and provide you with some information that may be helpful as you get started.

Your course is designed to meet the education requirements for licensure in your state as well as prepare you for your licensing exam. A few things of note before we dig in:

  • Your course is 100% online. It is mostly self-paced. A percentage of the course time will be prerecorded content with the difference being provided through self study live virtual classes through Zoom or other video meeting software,
  • Your course can be accessed at any time from any computer or mobile device. We suggest using Chrome, although the course is compatible with most other browsers.
  • Your course does not require a textbook. Instead, you’ll find content presented in the form of activities and associated resources. The substantial number of activities reinforces mastery of the content, helping you retain information and giving you the best chance of success on your licensing exam.
  • Completing online courses requires discipline, and for many students, additional study time outside of the required or suggested minimum course hours may be needed.

Massachusetts Salesperson 40 hour Pre-Licensing Class.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires salesperson license applicants to successfully complete 40 hours of pre-licensing education. Live interaction between an instructor and students is required, and this course will provide that online.

Instructor hours are posted under “Contact Instructor”.

  • Purpose of Course

Prepare student to pass the Massachusetts Salesperson’s exam via PSIonline.com

Understand essentials of real estate practice.

Educate student on how to make $$ in real estate.

Satisfy the required hours mandated by the Massachusetts Licensing Division.

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